Walnuts as an Investment

Farmland is a profitable option for real estate investors

An Underrepresented Real Estate Class

Almost all investors own some amount of real estate, even if it is just the family home. Investors who do venture into real estate rarely stray far from residential or commercial properties in their own local markets, leaving an entire class of properties – rural farmland – up for grabs by large institutional funds or owner-operators. Statistics show that investors rarely make a conscious decision to buy farmland. But why is this the case?

Only 1% Of The Population Owns Farmland

And among owners, only half actually bought their farmland from an unrelated third party, the rest having inherited or purchased from a relative.

Farming: Capital Intensive & Specialized

The Traditional Way To Own Farmland

Modern farming is extremely capital intensive and requires specialized knowledge. Until now, an individual investor looking to put a portion of his investment portfolio into rural farmland would have just two alternatives:

Our New Third Option For Investors

Chandler Orchards’ system offers a new third alternative for investors looking to take a position in farmland:

This option is made possible due to a large number of investors purchasing land in a single contiguous 5000 acre (2000 ha.) orchard, all sharing operational costs to achieve economies of scale that smaller operations cannot hope to match.

Even investors looking to acquire larger tracts of land will achieve far superior returns by working with Chandler Orchards than going it alone. Our orchard is professionally run by an experienced team of agricultural engineers, plant pathologists, agronomists, and managers.

Chandler Orchards Aerial View
  Aerial View of Chandler Orchards

New Orchard Plots

Our 6th campaign is underway as we prepare a hundred new 1-acre plots (fifty 1-hectare plots) for planting. This acreage will be available for purchase until February 2020. See our available plots.

Our turnkey planting service leaves nothing to chance. We fully guarantee our work and will replace at our cost any trees that do not perform for any reason whatsoever during the first critical season. See everything that’s covered.

Orchard Resales

Occasionally a few older orchard plots are available from existing investors who need to sell their investment. It is important to highlight that these plots are much more mature. The investor is not buying a plot with saplings. The trees are already producing at harvest and, depending on the plot being sold, the harvest may already be at the breakeven point or with a small profit.

See our list of resales available for purchase.

New Orchard Plots

Maximum Capital Appreciation
$ 15,000
  • Lowest Possible Price
  • 4+ Years To Be Profitable
  • Sold by Chandler Orchards
  • One Year Guarantee
  • $15,000 Per Acre Fixed Price
  • To Be Planted In 2019/2020
  • Chandler Pays Closing Costs
  • No Commissions

Orchard Resales

Immediate Income Without The Wait
From $ 45,000
  • Higher Asking Price
  • Profitable Today, No Waiting
  • Sold by Existing Investors
  • Already Planted
  • Buyer & Seller Split Costs
  • 2% Seller Commission
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