Turnkey Planting

Anyone can become a grower with Chandler Orchards

Grow Walnuts With Us

Anyone can become a grower with Chandler Orchards’ turnkey planting program. We provide investors with a plot of preselected land within our 5000 acre (2000 ha.) property, located on a single contiguous tract of land in Mendoza’s fertile Central Valley.

Climate studies, soil samples, and hydrogeological surveys have all been performed on-site.

The land was confirmed as apt for walnut cultivation by a team of professionals, including hydrogeologists, agricultural engineers, and phytopathologists.

No guesswork is needed. 600+ acres are already under cultivation.

Chandler Orchards Aerial View

Everything Needed To Successfully Cultivate

Our system eliminates the uncertainty in planting new acreage and is perfect for investors looking to make their first investment in agricultural land.

Soil & Site Preparation

  • Earthworks
  • Clearing
  • Leveling
  • Harrowing
  • Tilling
  • Local Access Road
    • 33 ft. (10 m.) Width
    • Vehicle Access to the Plot

Chandler Walnut Trees

  • 143 Chandler Walnut Trees Planted Per Acre Plot
    (285 Trees per Hectare Plot)
  • Planted in a High-Density 22.96 ft. x 16.40 ft. (5 m. x 7 m.) Grid Pattern
  • Laboratory-Grafted Two-Year-Old Trees From Argentina’s Top Walnut Nursery
  • Juglans Hindsii, Juglans Regia, or Paradox Rootstock
  • Chandler Scion
  • Cisco Pollenizer
  • Phytosanitary Check by Plant Pathologist Before Planting

Drip Fertigation System

  • Irrigation + Fertilization
  • Two-Hose Redundant System
  • Connection to a Primary Well and 4 Backup Wells
  • Community Well Every 125 Acres (50 Hectares)
  • Perforation to 400 ft. (120 m)
  • Installation of the Well-Casing and Tubing
  • 90-100 HP Pump Installation
  • All Required Filters
  • Three-Phase AC Electrical Installation, From the Pumping Station to the Local Electric Utility
  • Provincial Water Rights & Approvals

Guaranteed First Season

We stand behind our work. If any trees fail in the planting season, we replace them for no additional charge.
The Chandler Guarantee

We guarantee the performance of your plot for the critical first season.

We will replace - at our cost - any trees that do not perform, for any reason until May 1, 2021.

No monthly maintenance expenses until May 1, 2021.

Contact us to get started.

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