New vs Resale Plots

Maximum Capital Appreciation vs Immediate Income

New Orchard Plots

The vast majority of investors begin by purchasing a new orchard plot. New plots have the lowest price point and offer the maximum possible capital appreciation for the investor. Under normal circumstances, new plots will take 4-7 years to reach profitability. This occurs when the annual harvest yields enough walnuts to cover the annual expenses. The exact yield needed depends on the export price that season, but it is normally around around 1300 lbs. per acre (1200 kg. per hectare).

Since new plots are planted with saplings (2 year-old Chandler trees), they are susceptible to extreme weather events. While Chandler Orchards guarantees the trees in the first planting season, the investor will be subject to increased weather risk until the trees become more robust.

Orchard Resale Plots

Occasionally a few older orchard plots are available from existing investors who need to sell their investment. It is important to highlight that these trees are older and more resilient to bad weather. The investor is not buying a plot with saplings. The trees are already producing at harvest and, depending on the plot being sold, the harvest may already be at the breakeven point or with a small profit.

We have not yet had any plots become available for resale from acres that are fully mature and producing at peak capacity. We do not expect them to be available in the future either. Once an orchard has become fully productive, it is very rare for it to be put on the market. Nevertheless, an investor looking to shave a few years off their waiting time can purchase a plot that has already been planted to see quicker returns.

New Plots

Maximum Capital Appreication
From $ 15,000
  • Lowest Possible Price
  • Maximum Capital Appreciation
  • 4+ Year Wait For Profitability
  • Weather Risk
  • One Year Guarantee
  • $15,000 Per Acre Fixed Price
  • To Be Planted In 2019/2020
Low Cost

Resale Plots

Immediate Income Without The Wait
From $ 45,000
  • Higher Asking Price
  • Lower Capital Appreciation
  • Profitable Today, No Waiting
  • Minimum Weather Risk
  • Already Planted
No Wait
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