Hydrogeological Survey

Results from Chandler Orchards hydrogeological survey

In 2009, we commissioned a hydrogeological survey of the aquifer along with chemical analysis of the water extracted from wells on our property. We have reproduced a portion of that survey that deals with the aquifer that supplies all the irrigation water to Santa Rosa county along with the lab results. While we invite you to read the complete survey, the highlights are as follows:

Insufficient Rainwater

Rainwater is insufficient for agricultural production. Some form of irrigation that taps into the groundwater must be used.

Walnuts Recommended

The recommended crops for the local area are grapevines or different species of fruit trees (such as walnut trees).

Dry Year Reserves

During especially dry years, the aquifer is depleted by 28,375 acre-feet (35 hm3) per year, a extremely small amount compared to the overall reserves.

Plentiful Aquifer

Chandler Orchard sits on top an aquifer with 4.8 million acre-feet of groundwater reserves (6000 hm3). During normal years the aquifer is in equilibrium.

The Complete Hydrogeological Survey

We invite you to read the complete hydrogeological survey for more information.

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