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Detailed Technical Information

Get detailed technical information about the orchard's climate, soil, and aquifer in our orchard.

Ideal Climate

The climate in Mendoza’s Central Valley, like most of Mendoza, is arid. Rainfall averages 6.8 in. (173 mm) and not sufficient to grow crops of any kind without irrigation. With an average of 1300 chill hours per year, however, the temperatures are ideal for walnut cultivation. Investors can read our climate study for detailed information on the local climate in Santa Rosa County.

Excellent Soil Conditions

The soil is loose and sandy, ideal for a walnut tree’s extensive root system. Soil drainage is good and the soil pH, before any additives, is slightly alkaline. For more detail, read the soil analysis that was done on-site at the orchard.

Ample Groundwater

The orchard sites on top an aquifer with 4.8 million acre-feet of groundwater reserves (6000 hm3). During normal years the aquifer is in equilibrium, while in especially dry years the aquifer is depleted by just by 28,375 acre-feet per year. See the Hydrogeological Survey for additional information about the local aquifer.

History of the Orchard

Get detailed technical information about the orchard's climate, soil, and aquifer in our orchard.

Beginnings as a Peach Orchard

Beginning in 1971 the area currently occupied by Chandler Orchards was operated as a peach orchard. In the late 1970s, grapevines were also grown alongside the peach trees.
The operation was never commercially significant and after a decade production on the land ceased.

Mendoza requires supplemental irrigation for any agricultural cultivation to be viable. When the land fell into disuse, it quickly returned returned to its natural state.

Eduardo Dubovitsky
  Eduardo Dubovitsky

The Dubovitsky Family

In late 2009 the Dubovitsky family purchased the abandoned peach orchard and began to prepare the land to replant Chandler walnut trees.

Over the next 5 years the family acquired neighboring properties and secured the necessary water rights to expand the orchard to its current 5000 acre size (2000 hectares). When fully planted, the property will be the largest walnut orchard in Argentina.

The Dubovitskys have grown the orchard by partnering with investors in Argentina and around the world, allowing individuals, families, and investment funds to participate in Argentina’s dynamic agribusiness market with the security and backing of an experienced grower.

Visit the Orchard

Get in touch to plan a visit to Mendoza and tour the orchard.


We are located in the in the Cuyo region of Argentina, in the Central Valley of Mendoza Province. Specifically, the orchard is located just south of the towns of Las Catitas and La Dormida in Santa Rosa County.

The entrance is located along Fanuli street, which is accessed via Provincial Route 153 from the west or Stern Street from the east.​

Directions From Mendoza International Airport

Chandler Orchards is an hour and a half to the south east of the Capital of Mendoza. It is accessed easily via National Highway 7. There are only 4.7 miles (7.6 km) of well maintained dirt roads that need to be navigated after exiting the highway to arrive at the orchard. Any standard rent-a-car can make the trip. A 4×4 vehicle is not needed.

  1. From Mendoza International Airport head east for 60 miles (100 km) via National Highway 7.
  2. After passing Las Catitas, but before arriving to La Dormida, exit the highway to the right on Stern street.
  3. Follow Stern for 1.7 miles (2.7 km) then turn right on Fanuli street.
  4. Stay on Fanuli for 2 miles (3.2 km) and turn right after at the orchard entrance.

GPS Coordinates

  • Decimal Degrees
    • Latitude: -33.3615799
    • Longitude: -67.97928969999998
  • Degrees, Minutes, Seconds
    • S 33° 21′ 41.688”
    • W 67° 58′ 45.442”
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